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The technology of live video streaming and online e-store platforms has grown exponentially over the past decade. Many businesses use live streaming platforms to reach their audiences in an attractive and exciting way. With these latest headlines and stories, the audience can stay up all night with information. Adding an online store to your website is a great way to increase your revenue and reach new customers.

It comes down to the details of this website, has a responsive design, so it can adapt to all screen sizes.

It has many sections, some of them are mentioned below:

It gives us a basic overview of the website that has many functions such as authentication including login / registration and password forgetting. You can also watch a free live stream of the channel. You can add links to your facebook, Instagram, twitter and Youtube channels and also can add links to your google play apps and ios apps.
Proper search functionality serves the audience to easily find their related content.
Videos from various categories can be listed as popular shows, episodes, sports, weather etc.

There are many other sections, one of them is showing scheduled timings for all the shows to be streamed, so that people don’t miss their favourite show.

Honestly speaking, running an online store costs far less. Along with live streaming you can create your own shop and add products to it to sell.

Become Contributor:
Giving a chance to your fans or audience to show their skills or share their work is another way to attract people towards your website. By this feature people can become a contributor and can share meaningful images and interesting videos with you.

Discover all the amazing places and landmarks in Pakistan. A travel guide for everything you need to see.

We can add more sections for you according to your requirements like the partnerships etc

Discover Pakistan TV Channel

Client Name
: Dr Kaiser Rafique
: Website Design & Development
Start Date
: 1st May, 2020
End Date
: 25th November, 2020
: Completed