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Premium beard and hair care brand.

Sample by Fariha Baig

Gone are the days when women were the only ones obsessed with self-care, grooming, and looking good. Regardless of what gender you belong to. It’s 2021 and everyone wants to have that insta-ready face 24/7.  However, men are typically new to this whole self-grooming fiasco. While some care about how they look, others are blindly following the trend. In both cases, it’s all for the likes.

Just as women use makeup to bring out their striking features. Men have the natural advantage of growing a beard. It doesn’t matter if you’re a highly sophisticated well-groom type or vicious-looking caveman. A little hair and beard care never harmed anyone.

Remember boys’ chicks dig the beard!!

To bring out your inner Disney Prince, Gentscape brings you a range of premium quality men self-care products that are designed to meet the needs of all types of beards, skin, and hair.

You can check out the Gentscape website for more information. You’ll find a range of content to help you understand the brand on a more personal level.

Their website includes content like:


The homepage will give the visitor an overview of what Gentscape is all about. A table of contents and categories, trending products, and a visually appealing interface. A search bar to browse your concerning products, login profiles, and a shopping cart to gather all your beloved products in one place.

The footer of the home page displays Contact information, support, and help features.

About Us

About us display the history of the brand, how it came into being and what it aims to achieve. It feels like reading a story where the brand owner is the protagonist telling the general public of his journey. This type of content establishes a connection between the brand and its customer. And should be as realistic as it can for a positive impression on the consumer's mind.


This feature displays a wide range of all the top items, categories, packages, and product deals for a consumer to choose from. You can add your desired items into the shop cart finalize your order and complete your payment through COD, or online cash transfer.


This section delivers what cause the brand is donating towards through their revenue and monthly sales. Gentscape focus is putting a stop to prostate cancer that is the leading cause of death in men per year. Every purchase that a consumer makes Gentscape donates $1 towards this cause. This is a great way of showing the brand's philanthropic nature indicating to its consumers that it’s not all about the money.


This section displays all the important contact links and info to get in touch with the brand's customer service team regarding any queries or issue a customer might face. Also, it displays all the other marketing channels where you can find the brand for example social media platforms or the app store

Gents Scape

Client Name
: Sabaa Chaudary
: Website Design & Development
Start Date
: 5th February, 2020
End Date
: 10th April, 2020
: Completed